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Oxon Bird Pics Winter 2008/09

 Waxwing, Cavell Road, Oxford (click to enlarge) Waxwing, Cavell Road, Oxford

15 March 2009

After sitting on the aerial for a while, the birds flew down to start feeding in the middle of a berry bush in a front garden. One quickly departed, but the other stayed for as long as I did, and was amazingly confiding.

Unfortunately the bird never moved from its position in the bush, and try as I might, there were no unobstructed views of the whole bird. These are the best I could do.

Thanks to the occupier for allowing me access to take these shots.

Click to enlarge

Waxwings, Cavell Road, Oxford

15 March 2009

See above

Waxwings, Cavell Road, Oxford

15 March 2009

No sign this morning, but a return visit this afternoon was more successful. On arrival, there were 2 birds on this TV aerial.

  Avocet, Port Meadow

14 March 2009

A distant record short of this very wary bird.

  Reed Bunting, Otmoor

14 March 2009

No sign of the Bittern today, but a Merlin dashed across in front of me. This Reed Bunting was the only bird in photo range. Signs of spring with Sand Martin and Chiffchaff both reported.

  Meadow Pipit, Farmoor

15 February 2009

On a quiet day at Farmoor, I was surprised this pic turned out to be reasonably sharp - taken with the EOS 350D and Ef400f5.6 with x1.4TC. Also without the triopd, and an exposure time as long as 1/250 sec.

  Buzzard, Shellingford Pit

7 February 2009

A reasonably close approach. One of three.

  Snipe, Shellingford Pit

7 February 2009

In sunny but in very cold, icy and snowy conditions which forced these birds more out into the open than usual.

Back to the EOS350D & EF400f5.6 for a while, as the 40D & F4 DO are currently indisposed!

Snipe in the snow. Click to enlarge Snipe in the snow! Shellingford Pit

7 February 2009

Click pic to enlarge

  Grey Wagtail, Letcombe Bassett

24 January 2009

  Grey Heron, Letcombe Bassett

24 January 2009

A cold bird in a frosty field?

 Little Egret (click to enlarge) Little Egret, Letcombe Bassett Cress Beds

18 January 2009

A rare shot with the EOS350D & EF400f5.6, which was all I had to hand when coming across this bird by surprise.

Click to enlarge

   Reed Bunting, Bampton

17 January 2009

Somewhat more obliging than the Tree Sparrows!

  Tree Sparrow, Bampton

17 January 2009

This pic of these uncooperative subjects took a lot of PhotoShop work to make it half presentable!

 Great Northern Diver (Click to enlarge) Great Northern Diver, Farmoor Reservoir

10 January 2009

On a close approach to the southern shore. This is probably the same bird as in my Nov pic, but this time it was a bit closer, and the x1.4 TC was on the lens. The light was much poorer today though.

Click pic to enlarge.

 Dunlin (click to enlarge) Dunlin, Farmoor Reservoir

10 January 2009

An obliging bird - walked right up to me out of the mist!

My first pic of this species in winter plumage.Click pic to enlarge.

  Goldeneye, Farmoor Reservoir

10 January 2009

Unusually close to the bank, until it saw me!

 Cattle Egret Cattle Egret, Dorchester on Thames

3 January 2009

Taken towards the end of the afternoon with low sun. Altogether more pleasing than the one below from the very dull conditions on 14 Dec 2008.

Click to enlarge

  Hen Harrier (ringtail), Otmoor

3 January 2009

Distant record shot of this splendid bird over the reedbed from the first blind in glorious sunny but frosty conditions. Also Peregrine this morning, and Merlin reported first thing.

  Kestrel, Churn

1 January 2009

Note the contrast with the more distant Merlin below - taken in the same hedgerow!

  Red legged Partridge, Downs

31 December 2008

A roadside shot taken in frosty conditions and dull light yet again.

  Merlin, Churn

20 December 2008

Another distant record shot taken at ISO 1600, but without the x1.4 TC.

Seems worth showing given the scarcity of the subject these days in Oxfordshire. Also a considerable improvement over my previous ultra-distant digiscoped pic from Otmoor in 2004.

  Cattle Egret, Day's Lock, Dorchester-on-Thames

14 December 2008

Distant record shot of this wary bird in bad light.

Taken at ISO1600 with the x1.4 TC. Even plenty of Photoshopping hasn't turned this mediocre shot into much to shout about! But it is a first for Oxfordshire...

 Redwing - click to enlarge Redwing, Stanton Harcourt

7 December 2008

A surprisingly obliging individual by the roadside.

Click to enlarge

  Goldcrest, Dorchester Gravel Pits

6 December 2008

In waterside bushes near the Long-tailed Duck.

Long-tailed Duck, Dorchester Gravel Pits

6 December 2008

A somewhat too distant record shot - but a lot closer than the far side of the pit, where it rapidly moved off to!

All pictures copyright Stephen Burch

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